S.R. Speciality Chemicals Blog When did you decide to dye your hair?

When did you decide to dye your hair?

You know the feeling.

You get into a fight with someone and you look at the other guy’s hair and think, ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe that.’

Then you look back and realise you could’ve done something similar.

I was going to dye my hair blue, but I couldn’t dye my eyebrows green, so I dyed my hair yellow.

That’s when I started thinking, ‘What am I missing out on?’.

So I dyed it.

I’ve got a lot of tattoos, and I’m pretty proud of my tattoos.

I always had a tattoo of the word ‘Prayer’, but I’ve had them tattooed for the last 15 years.

I think I’ve done them around 20 times.

I just don’t get enough tattoos.

When I first started wearing my hair in the style of the Catholic Church, it was an expression of what I believe in, which is that we’re all equal, so it made me really proud to wear it that way.

It was the same thing when I first went to a Catholic church, and they had a big display of pictures of nuns, and it was just like, ‘Wow, these are nuns’.

It’s a lot more of a reflection of who I am now than it was when I was a child.

You’ve got to be careful about what you wear, because I’ve worn it for so long that I’ve started wearing it in weird ways.

I wear it backwards and forwards, because you’re wearing a dress and it’s backwards, and you’re like, why is it backwards?

It’s just a little bit of self-expression.

The tattoos I’ve always had are just there to say, ‘I’m Catholic, I’m a woman, and this is my message’.

So now, I wear them to make me feel more feminine.

I don’t wear them for anything else.

The only thing I do with them is to reflect my faith.

I’m just a very private person, so people aren’t really thinking about my tattoos and all that, but it’s nice to be able to see the meaning in them.

I can get up and do a prayer in front of my house and see people smiling and saying thank you.

It’s been a very long journey, and all of this is something that’s been going on for a very, very long time.

What have you done to make your tattoos more visible?

I just wear them with pride and I think people can relate to that.

It gives them the confidence to say: ‘I believe in you, and that’s all that matters.’

I think it’s really important for people to realise that if they don’t feel like they fit in, it doesn’t mean they’re not worth being in the church.

I mean, if you’re not a Christian, it’s like: ‘Oh, I’ve made my bed, I haven’t got to do anything else.’

If you don’t believe in the Catholic faith, then you need to be honest about it.

You need to take that faith seriously.

If you’re going to have your own faith, it has to be sincere.

It has to show that it’s all about Jesus.

I guess what people tend to think is, ‘Well, if he doesn’t believe, why does he wear the tattoos?’

That’s the thing.

If he doesn, then he’s just not a real Christian, you know?

You can’t do that.

If people don’t want to get into the Catholic religion, then they’re going into a different world, and maybe you don, too.

And if they do get into it, it can be hard to find people to talk to.

And then you have the other side, which I think is a bigger problem.

But I do think people should realise that it doesn:t mean that I don.t love God, it just means I don:t wear the things that I’m not proud of.

I might say, I really love Jesus, but maybe that doesn’t make me a Christian.

It can be like, I have to wear these little white pins on my wrist, or something like that, because they’re pretty.

They’re just there for a little reminder of what’s important to me, but then it gets taken away.

I know that I have a lot to say about the Catholic church and about my faith, but that doesn:te do it for me.

I have no desire to go back to the past.

I am a Catholic and I love my faith and I have nothing else to say to anybody else.