S.R. Speciality Chemicals Blog ‘Bikini Barbie’ costume gets a makeover at D.C. store

‘Bikini Barbie’ costume gets a makeover at D.C. store

“She has a little bit of personality, a little little bit more personality than the average Barbie,” said Stephanie Kuznia, who has been selling Barbie doll sets at a D.F.I. clothing store for five years.

Kuznicki, who was a D-F.T. customer when the doll first debuted in 1984, said that Barbie’s personality was never fully explained.

“The fact that she is a doll that can do all the things that girls do, like play, go on adventures, she never really has a personality,” she said.

Barbie’s face is always smiling and she has her own personal touch.

The doll’s wardrobe is very simple.

She wears a black shirt, black pants, black shoes and a pink hat.

“She wears them for the summer and the holidays,” Kuznik said.

“And then she comes back for Christmas and New Years.”

Kuznicia said she has seen more customers come in for their first Barbie doll than for all her other dolls.

“It’s definitely changed my perspective on buying a doll,” she added.

“I don’t buy dolls that are so simple and have no personality.

It just makes me sad.”

For Kuzniak, the doll’s personality comes from her mom, whose parents raised her.

She said that when she was a little girl, her parents would make Barbie doll parts and make them for her.

Kiznia said she often gets a phone call from people who ask if she wants to make Barbie.

“They ask if I have any leftover Barbie parts,” she joked.

KZNIES’ OWN PARENTS Kuznian and her husband, Robert, are not fans of the doll.

They were only four years old when Barbie debuted and they didn’t really like it, but they have had many Barbie dolls since then.

“As we got older, it became so much more of a part of our lives,” Kiznian said.

Kznia said that she and Robert wanted to give Barbie more personality and personality in her own way.

“We wanted to create a doll who had personality, but also had a personality that we could express ourselves through her clothes,” she explained.

Koznian said she and her boyfriend are trying to figure out how to create more personality in the doll, including giving her a new hair color.

“You know, I’m not really sure how we’re going to go about that,” she admitted.

“When I look at Barbie, I don’t really want her to be a black Barbie or a red Barbie.

I just want her not to be that.”

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