S.R. Speciality Chemicals Blog The Spiral Tie Dye Company’s Spiral Tie dye is a revolutionary new way to dye your tie in a few minutes!

The Spiral Tie Dye Company’s Spiral Tie dye is a revolutionary new way to dye your tie in a few minutes!

It’s the latest tech to take the “wow factor” out of tie dye, and it’s also one of the first products to be approved by the FDA.

Spiral Tie, founded by former Microsoft employee Chris Mott, has been working with companies around the world to bring their own twist on the dye, but it’s the product that really stands out for its innovative, fast-growing business model.

Spiral tie dye is made from a polymer that’s grown on trees and plants.

Its fibers have been dyed with spirulina, which is a green algae that grows in the ocean, and the fibers are attached to plastic beads that absorb dye.

Mott and co-founder Michael Zetterman took this approach when they started Spiral Tie last year, and they’ve been growing it at their factory in San Diego since January.

The company has already received over $1 million in funding, with the goal of doubling that amount in just the first six months.

Spiral is available in four different colors: purple, pink, orange and green.

The purple color, called “solar,” is more expensive, but can be dyed for $15.95 per kilogram, with a maximum of 50 kilos being available.

The pink color, “pink-yellow,” costs $18.95 for a maximum size of 500 grams.

The orange color, referred to as “green,” costs only $14.95.

The green color, known as “purple-orange,” is the only one of those that is available for sale.

The process for making Spiral Tie’s dye takes about five hours, and then the dye is washed with a solvent, and sent to the manufacturer.

After that, the dye itself is mixed with water, and mixed with some other chemicals.

The water is then mixed with the other chemicals to make the dye.

The final product is then put into plastic tubes and sent back to the factory, where it’s dried.

Spiral ties can be made for about $30 each.

It’s also possible to make Spiral Tie in bulk.

It costs $30 per kilo, which can be added to the cost of a tie.

Spiral’s current production capacity is only 1,400, and there are plans to increase production.

The brand is still working to get the green dye to the market, but there’s already a lot of interest in the product.

Spiral has also received over 1,000 orders from people who wanted to make their own Spiral Tie.