S.R. Speciality Chemicals Blog How to Tie Your Eyebrows into a Simple Color: Indigo Dye Cake

How to Tie Your Eyebrows into a Simple Color: Indigo Dye Cake

How to tie your eyes into a simple color: Indigo dye cake.

This tutorial has been created by The Indigo Dyer, and I love the way the colors look in the photos.

There are many different ways you can tie your eye brows into a specific color, but for this tutorial I’m going to be using the color blue.

Here are a few of the more common techniques you can use: Using an eyeliner or eyelash curler to remove excess pigment The combination of blue and brown for a bright, colorful look This is what I did to my eyes: Using a brush to apply eye shadow, which creates a lighter blue tint The mixture of blue with brown for an intense, intense blue tint Another way to do this is to apply a layer of powder to the top of your eye.

I used a gel eyeliner and applied it over the eyes with my finger to create a matte effect, and then I just dabbed it into the crease.

A little bit of black is also a great way to add a touch of depth to a look.

Using a small brush to brush your brows back into place with your fingers Using a pencil to apply powder and mascara This is a technique I used to achieve the blue effect: Using my fingers to brush my brows up and down the bridge of my nose, as well as up and over my eye browbone I also used mascara to create the blue.

You can also add color to the tips of your eyebrows using a glittery powder.

This technique creates a blue shimmer: You can use this trick to create your own blue eye makeup.

You just need to add glitter to the tip of your brow.

You may have to go as high as your eyebrows go to achieve this effect.

Using mascara to give your browline a dramatic effect Using mascara on your eyelids and eyebrows will give your eyes a dramatic look.

This is how it looks on me: I put mascara on my eyelids, brows, and brow bones and applied mascara all over my eyes.

This mascara looks like a mascara brush!

You can apply the same technique to your eyelashes as well, using a mascara sponge.

This looks like an eyelash mascara brush.

Using eyeliner to highlight your brow lines with powder or glitter This is the technique I did on my brow bone: Using the eyeliner brush to highlight my brow lines using powder or powder and glitter I also added some glitter to my eyebrow liner, but you can also use a small eye liner brush to achieve more dramatic eye makeup effects.

I’ve included the photos below, and the tutorial can be found at the Indigo Dyers website.