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What’s in the bottle?

article DARK brown hair color has become an obsession of the Irish fashion industry with a growing number of companies offering their own range of shades.

There is an extensive range of brands, but some of the most popular are called Bleach hair, which are lighter and more wearable than the standard dark brown, and have a distinctly feminine feel to them.

The range includes a range of styles including a bright, dark and blonde blonde, a dark, blonde and brown, a light brown, brown and gold and a cream, pink and black shade.

Many of these brands are available in a range that goes up to a full-on wig, which is an accessory that can be worn in many different ways.

A wig is a short, long, curly wig with a base made from cotton and silk, which can be shaped to fit different body types, from a flat or curly to a straight, curled or full-bodied look.

It can also be made with various lengths, and is often dyed and tinted to add personality.

One of the latest additions to the range is the brand called Bleached hair, whose website says that they have created a range in this new style called “a light, soft and feminine version of traditional bleached hair”.

This new style is meant to make the look less formal and more natural, and can be easily mixed and matched with your favorite accessories.

For instance, one of the products that has been recently launched is a braided brown hairband, which features an intricate braided hairstyle.

A braided hairband is a style that was popularised in the 1950s, with the trend taking off in the 1980s, but it gained popularity after the ’90s.

There are a variety of different braids for the style, from the traditional straight hairstyle to a longer, braided style, with a more casual or playful flair.

In an interview with The Irish Times, Bleached said that their new line of products are meant to be a bit more ‘dressed up’, adding that the hair is often made with “a lot of texture”.

It is also meant to give a more feminine feel and to make it easier to blend the different styles into a one-piece.

The products can also come in a wide range of colours, from darker to light, and they can even be tinted.

The company is currently selling a range called “dark, black and white” which is a shade of black with a metallic shine, but they have plans to release other products in the same colour range in the near future.

The product range can be bought at Bleached’s online store or on their website, and it costs €20 (£19). 

The new ‘Bleached’ hair range has been launched with a range available for €20.

Bleached Hair, Dublin, 7, Dublin Street, 15-17 February, 24-26 March 24.30pm, 1.30am-2.30AM, 3.30-4.30PM The new range is currently available on the Bleached website, but the product range has also been launched on their Instagram account.

The new line has been available since February 24, and there are currently more than 50 products available.

The ‘Bleach’ line is one of a number of new hair brands being launched in Ireland, with other notable new brands include Honeybee, Bacchus, Papaya, Frosty, Tootsie Roll and Ruth.