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Leather dye tie dye Jordan 1

On Thursday, the first in a series of five-color tie dye tie dyes will be released by Jordan Brand.

The new tie dye, which Jordan says will be “the perfect way to wear your shoes, your jeans, your shorts, your T-shirts,” is called Leather Dye and is a combination of two of Jordan’s other popular dye lines, Tie Dye Blue and Tie Dyes Green.

The tie dye was inspired by the “mascara and perfume of the Middle East” and is available in five shades, each with a special “mantle” for the color of its shade.

Jordan Brand says the tie dye is “a fun and versatile color” that “works in all the seasons and is perfect for any occasion.”

“Jordan’s ties are the ultimate in casual, casual wear,” the company said in a statement.

“Our Leather Dyes tie dye series brings a fresh and contemporary twist to the classic design of our iconic Jordan shoes.”

For now, the tie dye will only be available at select retail outlets, but Jordan says it’s “working to expand its reach to more retailers in the coming weeks.”