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Why this shirt is so good

T-shirt company D.J. Hooks has launched a line of tie dye products called Pastel Ties.

They are available in two colors, pastel yellow and pastel pink.

They look great with any shirt or swimsuit, and offer a quick, affordable way to add a little pop to your look.

Hooks says the Pastel tie dyes are a natural dye, but the dye is also used in a lot of other products to color hair.

The company offers a range of different colors and styles, and the colors are not meant to be used for your natural hair color.

It is a way for the company to appeal to a broader audience.

Hook is also promoting the product in the form of a photo shoot for the magazine D. J. Hook.

Hook says he’s been using Pastel ties since he was a little kid, and it is a simple product that takes no time at all.

It’s a great way to incorporate some fun into your day.

 It can also be used to create an adorable design for the beach.

Hook told ABC News that the idea of using tie dye for natural hair was inspired by his daughter’s beach photo shoot, which showed the colors in a natural way.

He said that his daughter asked him what she should wear for her beach trip.

He answered with a tie dye shirt.

In the past, Hooks had used tie dye to color his hair a different color and he said that it was hard to do.

Now, he says he doesn’t mind having a few different colors on his hair and has had success with the pastel colors.

Pastel Tides is available at Hooks’ website and through retailers.

The company is also trying to make a splash in the beauty industry.

Hook’s company is working on a line called Lovely Beauty, which is meant to bring people together and to be an eco-friendly brand.

The brand also is working with the beauty company Cosmetics International, and Hooks said that they were able to use his tie dye dye products to create a new formula.

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