S.R. Speciality Chemicals Blog What’s in a name? An answer to that question, too

What’s in a name? An answer to that question, too

A name is the word that makes a person unique and recognizable to others.

In some cases, a name is more important than the person itself.

For example, if a woman is a member of a fraternity, the name is a sign of their status and the name should stand out.

If a man is a star football player, the player’s name will attract fans and attract attention.

But the same is not true for all names.

Some people have names that are just for themselves and no one else.

Some names are reserved for specific groups of people or groups of individuals.

A few of the most well-known names are: Jack Nicholson, William Shatner, and Tom Hanks.

Other names like George Takei, Peter Dinklage, and Sean Connery are less well-recognized.

Names like Johnny Depp, Michael Phelps, and Clint Eastwood have earned respect from some, but not others.

You may not have to wait too long to find the perfect name.

Take a look at the list below to find out what’s on the list and what to expect when you decide to name your children after a famous person or celebrity.

Name Type Name Size Popularity Rating Jack Nicholson  1,000,000 1,500,000 James Cameron  1 million 2,000 3,000 Tom Hinks  5 million 10,000 15,000 Clint Eastwoods  100 million 25,000 30,000 Bill Gates  10 million 25 35,000 Jack Black  2 million 10 35,500 George Takees  2,500 3,500 Clint Eastlands  2.5 million 8.5 40,000 Jennifer Lopez  2 billion 15 40,500 Bruce Jenner  5 billion 15 45,000 Nick Cannon  2+ billion 18 45,500 Michael Phelps  1 billion 20 50,000 Mark Wahlberg  2 Billion 20 50 million Michael Douglas  5 Billion 25 55,000 Leonardo DiCaprio  1 Billion 25 60,000 Christopher Walken  1.5 Billion 30 70,000 Meryl Streep  1+ Billion 40 70,500 Tom Harkins  1 Million 25 75,000