S.R. Speciality Chemicals Blog What you need to know about Auburn hair dye

What you need to know about Auburn hair dye

Auburn’s hair dye company, Auburn HairDye, is known for its innovative hair products, including a shampoo, an eyebrow gel and a hair color, among others.

But what’s really special about the company is the way it creates custom products for its customers.

The company recently unveiled its first new product, the box hair dye.

“It’s really a product we have never created before,” said Auburn Hair Dye Co. President of Business Development and Marketing Kim Anderson.

She said the company also created a new shampoo and brow gel.

“It’s like a modern day shampoo and a modern-day brow gel,” she said.

But the box shampoo is actually a blend of five different products, Anderson said.

“We were inspired by the people who have done that before,” she added.

One of those products is the box, which is made up of five products, said Anderson.

It includes a toner, a hair conditioner, an emulsion, a lightening agent, a shampoo and the box dye.

It’s all hand-made, which means it’s made with the best ingredients, Anderson added.

“Our customers love it,” Anderson said of the box product.

“They’re very creative.

They’re trying to create their own look, which we are very happy about.”

It’s a big step for the Auburn Hair dye company.

The hair dye was launched in 2013 and has since become a favorite for women, said Auburn University alumna and company owner, Michelle Anderson.

“People have been coming to the store to try it and people are always saying, ‘What do you do?,'” she said, adding that she hopes the new box will lead to more customers coming to buy the product.

While Anderson is a proud member of the team, she said the products are just one of the ways the company has expanded.

“I think we’re really focused on being an innovator,” she told ABC News.

“I think the company, I think, is really excited about that.

And I think the people at the company are very passionate about that.”

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