S.R. Speciality Chemicals Blog What if you could tie dye jeans into your jogging suit?

What if you could tie dye jeans into your jogging suit?

TechCrunch, December 18, 2018TechCrunch, December 18, “What if you were able to tie dye denim jeans into a jacket, and your jacket looked like a tie dye jogging jacket?”

In a similar vein, a company called Bespoke Fit is building an in-house brand of tie dye jackets that can be customized with fabrics and other elements, like ties. 

In other words, they’re building a new kind of suit, but one with tie dye, instead of jeans. 

“It’s a tie-dyed jacket that looks like a traditional suit, yet it is also made from a fabric that looks and feels like denim,” the company explains. 

The idea is to create a jacket that “feels like denim”, while still looking and feeling like a suit.

As a matter of fact, there’s already a company in this space, but it’s a small one: Bespok.

And they’ve got some really cool tie dyeing fabrics already in the works.

In addition to tie-dye jackets, Bespoked Fit is working on jackets that are made from different materials, such as polyester and leather, and which are also customizable to fit your body shape.

“In addition, we also have some fabrics that are more tailored to fit the shape of your body, which we call ‘skin-seaming’,” the company says. 

As for its tie dye jacket, BessieFit is still in the prototyping stage.

But it’s definitely a cool idea that would appeal to a wide range of users, with different body types and body shapes being key.

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TechCrunch article TechCrunch is owned by Amazon.

The company’s founder and CEO, Alexis Ohanian, is also a big fan of tie-Dye.

He recently said: “I’ve been wearing jeans for more than 20 years.

It’s become something of a fad.

It seems like a good way to add style and elegance to your outfit, and I think it works.”