S.R. Speciality Chemicals Blog What’s in a name? An inside look at aubron hair dye

What’s in a name? An inside look at aubron hair dye

The  Hair and Makeup Institute at the University of Alabama, Huntsville, has a new  product it hopes to introduce this year that will help women to grow long and dark locks, and it wants you to know how it works.

The  makeup institute, which launched in 2012, uses the  dyes  to help  women keep their hair  long, dark and strong, according to the 《Hair Science & Technology》 website.

Its first  products, a  ubron  hair dye, are made from a blend of two ingredients:  an artificial  sunflower oil and  aqua aloe vera.

“Sunflower oil helps to retain moisture and protect hair from the elements and helps to fight frizz and damage,” the company writes on its website. 

 “Aqua aloe is an ancient natural mineral extracted from the roots of the sea urchin and is used as a moisturizing and anti-inflammatory agent.”

The first 〝ubron〟hair dye in the U.S. was developed by 〠Aqua Aloe Natural Hair Dye.》, which was launched in 2013.

As the company describes,  it’s a natural  skin whitener and 〜a natural 》hair dye that’s formulated for all skin tones and hair types.” As with 〤The Real 〚 Hair 々, it’s a $49  only sale.

It was also recently featured on a U.K. beauty site, The Face, and on The 〈Bikini 〉 YouTube channel.

In addition to the two products, the Hair & Makeup 〄Institute has 〔a 〕unique 〟shampoo and *a  *unique *dye.* It also sells 〗a ’s Aquamarine™ hair shampoo and ‘s Cranberry Hair & Conditioner™ 〙s 〞hair conditioner.

According to the《Makeup Institute》  head of science and technology, the two ingredients are  organic, and are also vegan.

Aquaponics is a process of using plants to capture the carbon dioxide produced by sunlight to generate carbon dioxide for energy.

So it’s not surprising that the Institute is offering 】a *unique〟 shampoo and〙a ††unique ”dye for sale for  $49.* The hair and makeup institute has been selling 〘ubron hair dyes* for a 〇long 〖 time.

*They were selling  those 〃hair dye products〝  for  years.

 (Photo: 。HairScience.com〉)