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Bollywood actor is the ‘Hollywood king’

Bollywood stars and fashion icons have been seen to be wearing their hair in dreadlocks for years now.

But what do these stylish styles have to do with their celebrity status?

Here are some of the most memorable hair styles that have become icons of Indian cinema.

Source: The Hindu,File photo: The hair is a must.

The world will not be able to forget the hair on a Bollywood star.

It’s the most popular hair trend among Indian film stars and their fans.

The popularity of dreadlocks in Bollywood has reached a point where the likes of actor Bajrangi Bhaijaan have even styled their locks in a number of different styles.

Actor Dabang Bhatti, who starred in films like the recent Dangal, Dangaling and Poona Bapu, also sported dreadlocks.

The actor has been seen with a number that range from a thick and sleek straight to a twisted bob.

The hair has been popular for its elasticity.

Actor Sajid Khan has even been seen sporting dreadlocks on the big screen.

His dreadlocks are also used to convey his confidence.

He also has a dreadlock-shaped haircut that he styled with a lot of time and effort.

Actor and fashion icon Gaurav Dixit is the latest Indian film actor to have been photographed sporting dreads.

The director of Pangalav, which was recently released, has also styled his hair in the same fashion.

Actor Rishi Kapoor, who is known for his long, wavy hair, has recently been seen wearing a dread-cut hairstyle that has made its way into many popular films.

Actor Amitabh Bachchan has also been seen rocking dreadlocks and wearing them in a variety of styles.

The hair trend also has made headlines in other Indian films, including Baju Bajapati, Kuch Hai, and the upcoming Kuch Hooten.

Actor Bala Rao has also recently been featured sporting dread locks in the upcoming film, Darshan.