S.R. Speciality Chemicals Blog Dyeing of jeans, shirts, shirts and more?

Dyeing of jeans, shirts, shirts and more?

Splat hair dyed fabric can be used to dye your jeans, tops, shirts or just any fabric.

This is a very useful dye, but it can be tricky to work with as you can’t easily remove the dye and have to re-dye each piece.

To get around this, you can use a dye remover, which can be purchased in a grocery store or online.

You can also use a gel, which is just a liquid that can be added to a dye solution.

This gel will dissolve the dye, and then the dye will flow out of the gel.

The gel can then be added back to the dye solution and the process will repeat.

Here is a video tutorial on using dye removers.

There are also other options that you can buy online, like this one for $1.69.