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Tie dye sweats for NHL players? | NHL.com

The NHL has released a number of new jersey patterns in the past few weeks that look very different from the current jerseys.

It has also been confirmed that the NHL will be re-branding the jerseys in 2018 and beyond.

The NHL has been releasing new jerseys for over a decade, with a number coming out every season.

Each season the NHL is introducing new uniforms to help keep fans engaged.

The NHL released their first jersey in 2006 and each season has been made up of multiple variations of the current jersey.

All of the NHL’s new uniforms have different features and look very unique.

The new uniforms were introduced by the NHLPA and will be available in the 2018-19 season.

These jerseys will be the first to be released since the NHL moved to a new uniform system that was introduced in 2017.

The first NHL uniforms were released back in 2010, with the current season featuring two sets of uniforms.

New jersey patterns have been released since then, with most of the new uniforms featuring black, white, and green colors.

New jersey colors have been made available for 2018-2019 season, and will continue to be available for the next two seasons.

The NBA announced in September that the NBA would be introducing a new jersey system, and the NHL followed suit with a pair of new jerseys in October.

The current jerseys are the same design, with only a few differences between the current uniforms and the ones to come.

This season, the NBA has a blue-green uniform with the same color scheme as the current NBA uniforms.

The jerseys have been updated to feature blue trim on the collar, shoulders, and sleeve cuffs.

The collar of the jersey also features a slight variation from the collar of previous seasons.

Other changes include the addition of a number 8 in the collar (similar to the NBA jersey), and a white stripe on the chest (similar on the NBA and NHL jerseys).

The NBA has released new uniforms for the 2019-2020 season.

This year’s design includes black trim on both the shoulders and collar.

This uniform also features blue trim across the collar and shoulders.

In addition, the new jersey has a white “T” on the sleeve cuff.

The jersey has been updated with black trim and white trim across all collar areas.

Also, in 2018, the NHL released a black-and-white jersey that featured white trim on all the collar areas and collar, and a blue trim pattern on the sleeves.

Similar to the NHL jersey, the New Jersey Devils and Philadelphia Flyers are releasing new uniforms this season.

The Devils will have a new look, while the Flyers will be using a new set of uniforms for their 2018-2021 season.

Both of these new jerseys feature a blue and black trim pattern throughout the collar area, and blue trim along the sleeve.

Both the jerseys have a white trim pattern across the neck, and black on the shoulder.

Unlike the NHL, the teams have chosen not to have a red trim on their jerseys this season, instead choosing a white collar design.

The Flyers are also releasing a new collection of uniforms this year, featuring a new white collar and collar trim design.