S.R. Speciality Chemicals Blog RTE’s ‘The Fall’ Season 3 premiere date confirmed

RTE’s ‘The Fall’ Season 3 premiere date confirmed

New season of ‘The Falls’ will air on RTE on Friday, April 14 at 11pm, with a new episode airing at 2am and the full season then airing in the UK at 8pm on Sunday, April 20.

The show’s original star and co-creator, Michael Mann, is set to return as the show’s creator and executive producer and he is set for a “new” co-executive producer role.

Michael Mann is also returning to write, direct and produce the show.

The new season will feature a brand new story line, with Mann and co. returning to their roots with a brand-new take on the Falls’ history and setting, with the cast and crew returning to familiar locations.RTE has said that the first episode will be a “daring and exciting adventure for all audiences”.

“The Fall” season 3 will be available on Netflix in the US and in the Republic of Ireland in April 2019.