S.R. Speciality Chemicals Blog How to get rid of old and rusty hair dye

How to get rid of old and rusty hair dye

By now you probably know that shampooing your hair can cause dye buildup, but what about the other side of the equation?

Hair dye is a commonly used ingredient in the beauty industry and is used to color hair as a result of various chemical reactions in the hair follicles.

But how does it actually work?

Here are five of the more common hair dye recipes you can make in your kitchen.

How to remove old and rotten hair dye ingredients from your hair by using a hair dryerIngredients to use to remove dye:1.

Liquid shampoo, like Klean Kanteen (found in hair salons in China) or Avanti’s Klean, can be used to remove the dye from hair.2.

Wet or tumble dry shampoo, as used in hair dryers, will cause the hair to get softer.3.

Spray-on dye remover (found on some products like Hairline) will remove the stain but will not remove the old dye from the hair.4.

Washing with soap, or rubbing the shampoo on the scalp with a towel, will remove most of the old hair dye.5.

Heat up the shampoo and the dryer together to soften the hair while it is being washed.