S.R. Speciality Chemicals Blog How to get blue hair dye without any extra styling

How to get blue hair dye without any extra styling

By now, you’ve probably heard that blue hair is a trendy trend and people are going crazy over it.

The truth is, the real reason blue hair has caught on is because it looks so damn good! 

There are tons of reasons why blue hair looks so good.

First, it’s not a very expensive shade of blue.

The color blue is used for a variety of different things and the natural hue of blue hair makes it seem pretty natural and organic. 

It’s also a cool shade of red.

Blue hair isn’t usually associated with redness, but it can make it look redder than it really is.

It’s also super versatile and can be used in many different ways.

Here are some ways you can use blue hair in your day to day life: 1.

Make your hair stand out more: Blue hair is great for adding a bit of color to your hair and it can also be worn in bright colors for a more bold look. 

You can add some drama to your look with a few layers of blue on your head, for example.


Wear it for the perfect amount of length: If you’re looking to add length to your style, use blue to give it that extra layer of thickness.

If you want your hair to be longer, go for a bit more of a full fringe, but you don’t need to go overboard on it. 3.

Add an intense vibe to your face: A nice blue hue adds a nice touch of warmth to your cheeks, and you can even use it to make your eyebrows look even more dramatic.


Use it for an everyday look: For everyday wear, you can wear a blue shirt over blue jeans or a blue tee for a fun, casual look.

Blue is also a great choice for hairpieces or accessories.

If there’s anything you need a little extra boost, check out our guide to color combos for hair. 


Make it unique: For a more unique look, wear it in a bold way.

The perfect way to do that is with a bright, blue tie dye. 

If you want to create a more serious look, try pairing a blue coat or dress with a pair of blue shoes.

The possibilities are endless! 


Use blue hair to enhance your complexion: A great way to add a little bit of drama to a complexion is to wear blue hair over a light blue color like light blue jeans. 


Make a statement: If your hair is too long for you, you might also want to use it as a bold accent. 

Use a couple layers of your favorite blue hair color to create an effect similar to a bowtie.

You can use a few of these combinations to make an interesting effect, or you can try using them as a quick way to change up your outfit. 


Add a bit to your personality: If blue is an eye-catching color for you to wear, it can go a long way in making you more attractive to the opposite sex.

It can be a nice way to show off your personality, like by adding a little flare to your outfit or hairstyle.9.

Dress up and wow your friends: A good way to look like a badass is to add some sparkle to your appearance by wearing a blue dress with white and black shoes. 


Add some flair to your makeup: A lot of makeup is done over the face and the color blue can add just the right amount of sparkle and shine to your eyes.

Try adding a splash of blue in the crease of your eyes or eyebrows to give your skin a different, sparkly look.11.

Wear a pair to your next meeting: Use a blue tie to wear to your upcoming job interview. 


Make yourself look more glamorous: If there is something that you want more of in your appearance, you should definitely try adding some of the same elements to your wardrobe.

The look can be simple or elaborate.

Try pairing a pair with a simple blazer, or go for an intricate look with something like a black suit or a blazer.13.

Use your hair as a highlight: You can even add some dramatic highlights to your locks to add an extra touch of style to your looks. 


Add color to an existing look: If someone is already into the same color as you, it might be time to add that extra bit of flair to theirs as well.

If your color combo doesn’t match the one they’re already into, you could try adding a color that compliments them to make them stand out. 


Add depth to your overall look: Adding color to the look can add depth to the whole look.

A subtle blue or turquoise color can add a bit sparkle in a natural way and you could also try using blue hair as the base for a new, bold look that can be done with different colors. 16. Use