S.R. Speciality Chemicals Blog ‘Bridget Jones’ and her mom’s hair dye make this summer ‘beautiful’

‘Bridget Jones’ and her mom’s hair dye make this summer ‘beautiful’

In June, Bridget Jones and her mother, Laura Jones, were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in a town outside of Austin.

“I got to sit in the kitchen, eat cake and watch them have the most beautiful wedding ceremony we’ve ever seen,” Jones says.

They had planned to spend the weekend at a local spa, but then the wedding came along and they decided to take the trip back to Austin.

Jones says the couple, both doctors, were “stunned” to discover that they were “literally making their own hair dye.”

They decided to do some research and found that it was cheaper and easier to use cvs hair dyes than their local stores.

It was also cheaper to use, and more environmentally friendly, to use than the local hair dye companies.

“They had no idea what they were doing and the cost of using cvs, and then the environmental impact,” Jones said.

They used a lot of cvs and a lot less money than other brands and were “absolutely thrilled with it.”

Jones and Laura have since become part of the hair dye industry, and have been using cVS hair darks on their own heads for nearly two decades.

“Our hair was not just our style,” Jones told The Verge.

“It was our life.”

They’ve been selling their cvs-made hair dashes at local hair salons for the past few years, and are now hoping to get their own salon to open up a shop soon.

Jones and their mother are working to start a nonprofit that will allow them to use the cvs for all of their own personal hair dye needs.

“We’re just trying to be creative and do our own thing,” Jones explained.

“If it’s working for us, it will be great for the world.”

Their goal is to eventually have a salon in Austin, Texas, and also a shop that sells their own cvs products.

“At the end of the day, it’s about people,” Jones added.

“People can make the choice for themselves and not worry about the environment.”

Bridget and Laura say that they’ve never been able to afford to have their own full-time salon.

But that’s changing, and they hope to open one soon.